Initial Thoughts on LOST Finale

I’m planning on a thorough post or two to wrap up my thoughts on Lost.  In the meantime, I just want to share some initial thoughts for your consideration and comment.

Ideas in show consistent with Scripture:

– What matters most in life is the love we share with others
– Our self-understanding/image/identity should not be dictated by what others say about us.
– Remembering (God’s faithfulness) and letting go (of past sins and disappointments) as a path to spiritual freedom.
– Confession of sin and forgiveness as a path to healing (Ben confessing to Locke)
– Acts of sacrificial love resulting in salvation of others.
– Centrality of community in the afterlife.

Ideas in show at odds with Scripture:

– In the end, no one is really ‘lost,’ but all are ‘saved’ and rescued.
– All paths lead to the same place in the end (religious pluralism blatantly obvious in stained glass window in the “church”).
– You have to decide for yourself why you are here and who you are (a very existentialist view – we define or create our essence through our existence, or existence precedes essence).

These are just some notes a jotted down as I watched last night.  I’d love to hear your ideas!


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