The Gospel According to the Avett Brothers – Overview

I’m not one who keeps up with the latest music; I probably couldn’t name a single top 10 pop song at any given time.  I tend to stay stuck in the past with respect to musical tastes, listening to artist, like Rush, that I’ve enjoyed for a long time and trust.

But on occasion I’ll come across new music that really piques my interest, take the plunge to invest in an album from a source I do not yet trust, and feel delighted by what I find.  This is what happened to me recently with The Avett Brothers.  A couple of months ago, my wife and heard their new single “Live and Die” on the radio.  The DJ promised, “If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, you will be hearing about them soon.”  I enjoyed what little I heard, bought a few of their popular songs, and eagerly awaited for the release of their new album “The Carpenter,” which I bought on the day it was released last week.  I was not disappointed, but recognized and embraced the beauty of it immediately.

I tend to listen to and support music that is innovative and that deals with serious and profound themes in the lyrics.  The Avett Brothers are undoubtedly innovative, fusing together a traditional bluegrass folk sound with everything from 60s pop (“I Never Knew You”) to alternative grunge (“Newman vs. The Demons”).  But even more satisfying to me is the depth of meaning found in their lyrics.  Knowing little about their religious background and commitments, I can nonetheless affirm that their lyrics are dripping with biblical wisdom.  Nearly every song on The Carpenter brings to mind biblical truths, and expresses them in a way that persuades the heart of the beauty of these truths.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share various lyrical excerpts from this album, analyze them reflective, and draw some links to Scripture.  As much as possible, I’ll supplement this with the band’s own commentaries on the songs.  If you are a fellow fan, hopefully you’ll find this enlightening.  If you are not yet, I hope you become one!

2 comments on “The Gospel According to the Avett Brothers – Overview

  1. Great post. . . look forward to your thoughts on this album!

  2. I knew you would appreciate these, bro. It’s good to share this musical love with you!

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