The Hobbit and the Dynamics of Living Hope: Preview

bilbo and gollum

After seeing The Hobbit (2012) this weekend (an 11:30p escapade to the local theatre after my family went to bed; latest I’ve ever been to the movies!),  I cannot not write about it.  The story, which functions more of a prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy than Tolkien, writing the book many years prior, probably intended, bursts with rich moral and theological themes.  Since I started blogging some 7 years after the last LOTR film was released, I have not had an appropriate occasion for sharing my ideas on this story.  The Hobbit opens the door wide open!   Thus, while these posts will focus primarily on the new film, they will inevitably spill over into LOTR.

I saw the movie on opening night, also the day that will remain forever etched in our minds in infamy as the day of the Newtown CT massacre.  I had only heard a quick summary of what happened from my pastor that afternoon and had not yet taken in the horrifying details when I left to see the movie.  When I returned home, at close to 3a, I read numerous reports on NPR and NY times, and just wept in my living room, the depth of sympathy made stronger having children that age myself.  In my sorrow, and even despair over the cultural decline into darkness such events epitomize, I have thought about the meaning of hope and what can truly supply our hearts need for it.

In many ways the story of Middle Earth, begun in The Hobbit, is a story about how to live with hope in the face of overwhelming darkness and impending doom.  As one who is too often tempted to despair, I need to imbibe deeply the true lessons of hope this story teaches.  I hope these reflections will help my readers both live more hopefully, embodying living hope in a world that feels increasingly hopeless.


5 comments on “The Hobbit and the Dynamics of Living Hope: Preview

  1. Gary says:

    I can’t wait for your next blog post about the movie. I’ve read a couple of mixed reviews, but it sounds like you found ‘The Hobbit’ to be worthwhile.

    • Having eager readers surely motivates me to write. I’m not much of a film critic. While I enjoyed the film immensely, I agree with the common critics about it being bloated and the action being uninventive, though graphically amazing. My focus will be more on the ideas/themes of the story, as seen in the film. Let me know when you’ve seen it (and take Jake!).

  2. Laurie Bridges says:

    Hopelessness & despair, alcohol & drug addictions, divorce, ADD, OCD, Autism, mental illness – all on the rise. The Bible says each generation will be worse then the last, and its so true!
    Is it our food, our culture, immunizations,or lack of ‘God’ness in schools, homes, and workplaces? Or all of the above?
    My devotional today from “Jesus is Calling” reads, “Hope keeps you spiritually alive during dark times of adversity, it brightens your path and heightens your awareness of My Presence”
    We can only hope for a spiritual awakening and revival in this country!

  3. Jeremy, really looking forward to your takes on the film. I just watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy the past three weeks with some friends. I was really moved afresh by the themes you just hit upon. . . hope in the midst of circumstances that seem hopeless. Look forward to your posts!

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